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Common Problems With Sash Windows

Sash windows are a common sight on many London properties and helps to give them a “traditionally British” appearance. They do require maintenance however to keep them looking at their best and in particular when it comes to older buildings that still have their original window design. Repairing sash windows can be carried out in a number of different ways.

At we recommend you check your windows often, as spotting problems early can help avoid issues later on. Here are some of the typical faults you may come across:

sash window repair LondonFrame timber decay. Check for any water damage and potential wet rot. This is easily identified with a simple knife test. Gently push a small, thin-bladed knife into the frame of the window and check the timber is still solid or if it is starting to decay. Look out for previous repairs with a filler for example, as this may be an area where water penetrates the wood.

Loose corner joints. As long as the timber stays in good condition, these can be easily repaired without dismantling the entire window. If they are ignored, then water will penetrate the joint and inner frame.

Broken cords. Everyone who has owned a property with sash windows has probably suffered a broken cord but sash windows can be re-corded with the right knowledge of how to disassemble and reassemble them. Once the cord has been replaced the windows will be much easier to open and close.

Failed putty or beading and/or broken glass panes. Loose putty and seals need to be fixed as soon as possible because if any water gets into the timber, the wood will start to rot. Broken glass, including specialist glass such as stained glass, can be matched and replaced.

Flaking paintwork. Paintwork should always be kept in good condition to protect the wood and prevent any water ingress and once again, potential rot.

Repairing and restoring sash windows by exactly matching your current window design is our speciality. We can either repair or replace any elements of a window and in the very worst cases, where a repair is impractical, we can supply a new window and frame to replace the entire unit.

If you have any concerns with the condition of your windows, then we offer a free survey by one of our expert joiners. They will quickly assess the issues and make a recommendation on the best course for restoration based on their findings.

We also have extensive experience in repairing sash windows in listed properties, so can handle any special elements that your property may have. Please call  our London and South East office for an initial discussion or to arrange a site visit.

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