London sash windows. A day on a survey.

We thought it might be interesting to many of our customers if we’d shed some light on our days, so to make a start, we’ll begin by providing a day in the life of a survey.

Whether you’re in the north, east, south, west or central parts of London, our surveys are free. In fact, joineryworkshop London actually covers most of the south east, from Dover to the east, and Portsmouth to the west, Reading to the north west and Southend-on-Sea to the north east.

That’s quite a chunk we cover, however, if you think you lie outside of these areas, please drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Our appointment times usually run from nine, eleven, one, three and five, but alternate times can often be accommodated, and yesterday’s survey day offered no break from the norm, beginning at 9AM at the customer’s door.

Our journey began in the beautiful Wargrave Village, Berkshire, just east of Reading. The house, like many in Wargrave, is Victorian and demonstrated typical Mid Victorian sash windows – two panes in each sash. Like many of our customers, the house had recently changed hands and it’s new owner was keen to secure it’s fenestration – and heat – for many years to come. The years had been mostly kind to the sash windows, with the exception of some being painted shut, one rotten cill, and one being replaced altogether with a style which can only be best described as wrong for the period. The purpose of our survey, to provide costs with two options, one sash window replacement with double glazing and two sash window restoration, retaining the original single glaze.

Our surveys, like this one, generally take on a familiar pattern – the ingredients of which are exclusive for customers and are kept secret until the survey – and involve an informal discussion, invariably a cup-of-tea and above all an opportunity for our customers to ask us questions.

After saying thank you, goodbye and a shake of the hands, we take a short drive north to Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, and pay a visit to a beautiful Georgian home with its new careful owner. Georgian homes are beautiful, and this one is no exception. Henley-On-Thames is a beautiful part of Oxfordshire and his Georgian home was typical of the period, with beautiful arched sash windows. Again, the purpose of our survey, was similar to the above, to provide costs of sash window replacement with double glazing and sash window restoration.

The day continued, with equally challenging, but beautiful styles.

Appointment three.

The London Borough of Southwark to Champion Hill. A beautiful, Edwardian House style, resplendent in arts and crafts fashions, with casement windows, built around 1906.

Appointment four.

Chingford north east London and another Edwardian House Style. This one being a small sized terrace, with its porch enjoying decorative white woodwork, perforated with patterns and spindles and remarkable stained glass in need of its own restoration.

Appointment five.

Swiss Cottage, Hampstead – 1930s House Style with a large, sweeping, round bay window and prominent gable.





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